Hands-On Basic Digital Photography Workshop

This workshop covers everything from Intro to Digital Photography (learning how to get out of “auto” mode) to actually using that understanding during class to create stunning images.  This hands-on approach really helps to grasp the concepts that you will learn.  You’ll leave the class knowing how to creatively control your camera as well as images in your camera that you will be proud of!  $249.00

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What to Bring:
• Your Digital Camera (you will want a Digital SLR camera.  Point-and-shoot cameras will need to be able to go into manual
   mode where you can adjust your ISO, shutter speed and f/stop.  If you are not sure, consult your camera manufacturer
• Your Camera Manual
• A charged battery (bring an extra along if you have one)
What you Get:
• Full color “recipe” booklet that includes “understanding exposure” and the set ups for the shots we will take in class, including
  settings for ISO, aperture, shutter speed and tips.
• Confidence in knowing your camera better and the ability to creatively make adjustments.

If you have a Groupon, just click the link below to see the online calendar and you can book directly online.  You will use your Groupon number in the “coupon” section to register.

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