10-Week Online Workshop

The best dang workshop, ever!  This workshop is a 10 Week Online workshop that will have you understanding your DSLR better than ever.  It’s comprehensive, but laid back approach will engrain those daunting camera functions into your mind. This fun-filled as well as information-filled workshop includes weekly lessons, assignments and feedback.  It also includes the creative side of photography to help you develop personally.  Because this course takes you from the ground level and up, you don’t need any photography experience for this workshop.  The only thing you will need is your DSLR (or borrow your friend’s that is just sitting around!).

The way it works:

You get access to our “Online Workshop Only” website where you can download your weekly assignment.  You do not have to be online at any particular time to get your assignment.  You print out and study the weekly assignment (I recommend getting a 3-ring binder with 10 tabs to keep your weekly study guide organized) and work on your own time.  Once you are ready, you upload your weekly assignment images to the website and get feedback and evaluations.  Then you go on to tackle the next week!  After 10 weeks of study and hands-on practice, you will most definitely will be taking better pictures and have a clear understanding of what all those buttons are for!  The weekly study guides include multiple visuals to help you not only understand each concept, but to help you learn how to make those changes in your camera.

After the course completion, you will have all the information printed out in your own personal library to refer back to.  If you want to take a step further after that, you can explore opportunities to get certified as a professional photographer with our advice and guidance.

The exclusive website will also include a questions and answers section to help you when you have questions throughout the course as well as a forum for participants to discuss progress and get inspired by each other.  There is also a “picture-a-day” board for posting pictures that you would like to share.

If you are serious about learning photography, you need this course!  Learning photography takes time, it’s about doing it often and practicing much.  Because this workshop is ten weeks, you get involved weekly, which ultimately gets you to where you want to be.

Classes begin (click on desired start date to register and/or simply view availability):

June 10, 2013

…more coming soon.