Photoshop Training DVDs

Learning Photoshop can be a challenge, but our approach is simple, giving you what you need to know first in order to build effectively.  Our training DVDs take you from the ground up, providing a strong knowledge base that will serve you in every editing capacity!

The Basics – DVD I

Learn the interface of Photoshop, workspace arrangement, preferences and navigation.  In depth understanding of the tool box and palettes.  Understand layers, layer styles, blending modes and layer masks.

The Retouch – DVD II

Learn retouching techniques from a master photographer’s perspective.  Adjustment layers, non-destructive adjustments, body shaping, dodging/burning, black and white conversions, swapping faces, reflections and curves.  Understand actions and how to maximize your workflow in Bridge.

The Enhance – DVD III

This DVD showcases compositing, plug-ins, bokeh and blur effects as well as textures, edgy borders and creating templates.  Understand clipping masks, how to protect your images, make your own custom brushes and other enhancement techniques including selective color.  Implement action automation for efficient workflow and other time-saving guides.

The Secrets – DVD IV

Learn the secrets of an award-winning expert in the field.  This DVD demonstrates tricks to create cool creative effects using presets, droplets, and skills that will leave you awestruck!  Custom eye artwork, pin-up look and working with Adobe Camera Raw.  Customize your palettes with Adobe configurator and using a tablet with your artwork. Discover creative techniques that you can immediately put to use in your own imagery.

Complete Set:  $259.00 save $97!