Fort Worth and Dallas Night Safaris

Working with the glow of the evening, you will discover how to capture images at night with a tripod.  We will go into several features of your camera and explore what they do.  Throughout the evening, the instructor will give you pointers on your settings, and will try some “light” writing if time allows.  Bring your camera, charged battery, memory cards, lenses and a tripod.  All skill levels are invited!

Fort Worth Stockyards

Join us for this safari at one of Fort Worth’s premiere scenic vistas in travel photography, conducted several times a month.  Learn how to photograph people, structures and historic places.

Fort Worth Zoo

Join us for a walking tour of photographing animals!  This safari is the perfect opportunity to focus on creative camera controls for amazing images.  This safari begins with an overview of how to expose images for animals behind cages and glass.   We will work with different light sources, shutter speeds, white balance and ISO.

Botanic Gardens Safari

Join us for a walking tour and exploration of the beautiful botanical gardens.  This picturesque safari with luscious flowers, trees and floral displays is a great opportunity to master exposure, various white balance options, macro photography and learning how to create separation.

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Safaris are $159.00.