What People Say

“So inspiring!  I can’t wait to go take pictures today!  One of the most exciting and energetic teachers I’ve ever had!”

“Great explanations and very helpful!  I am excited to play with my camera settings and look forward to the night safari!”  – Casey

“I love the way you simplified very complicated information.” – Jennifer

“Thank you so much for an amazing class.  This is the first time I have taken a true class, and I’ve learned so much today.  I love the handouts you created for us, that was an unexpected tool.  You’re well organized, easy to talk to, and I can’t wait for the 10 Week Class!” – Madison

“Great class, thank you!  I have had my camera for six months and have yet to try manual mode due to the intimidation factor.  The class was great and encouraged me.  Thank you.” – Pranav

“I love the non-technical approach used in your presentation.” – Lana

“The instructor captured our attention and was very easy to follow.  The information provided was definitely needed.  Great speaker and kept our attention.  I will definitely sign up for future classes!” – Keshia

“The speaker was great!  She is very knowledgable and experienced.  She gave great points on lighting and depth of field.  I definitely recommend this class!” – Tremayne

“I have taken college courses and DVDs, the 2 hours spent in your class was better than the hours of reading and/or DVDs.” – Lee

“I’ve taken a couple of classes and this is the first one where someone helped point out the settings on my camera.  Thank you!”

“You are very communicative!  I enjoyed listening to you, it was easy to understand everything, and the study booklet was great!!”

“Great information handout.  Clearly explained topics.  Looking forward to more.”  – Jessica

“I really enjoyed your class!  You did a great job in keeping the class engaged and focused.  Now I finally understand how I have accidentally achieved some cool shots!” – Deserie